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All About Protein Supplements

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If you are trying to build lean muscle mass and you are struggling, or maybe you just need a way to repair your muscles quick after a workout, then protein supplements can definitely help you.

There are three different macro-nutrients, and protein is one of them.  The two others are carbs and fats, and your body will use all three to get energy.  Protein is important for muscle repair, as well as building up your muscles which is why additional protein through protein supplements is quite popular.

Your everyday food may definitely have protein in it, but if you need additional protein then supplements are a great way to get that added protein.  It is also easy to bring with you to the gym so that once your workout has finished, you can take your protein drink immediately to begin the muscle repair process.

The Kinds of Protein Supplements:

  • Power Protein – These are considered the best type of supplements for protein.  There are diofferent kinds, with whey being the most popular, but you can also get egg, soy, and casein proteins.    Whey protein has a large amount of amino acids, and it also promotes more muscle growth than other kinds.
  • You can also get a meal replacement protein which can be mixed into a liquid beverage to take to get a large concentration of protein for a meal.    These also contain a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals that your body needs, as well as some fats and carbs that are healthy.
  • You can also buy protein bars, which can give you a little bit of protein boost to give you some energy.  But, check the labels to be sure that you’re getting the right type of protein you need, as well as not additional sugars and fats that you don’t need.  You can also eat some protein-filled cereals or even some chips and pretzels (and other natural fat burning foods) if you need a small little boost.