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Build your upper body with the Pull up bar

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Pull-Up bars have been around for quite a long time – they’re everywhere too. For around $20 you can purchase a handy piece of equipment that will help you build strong muscles. The pull-up is fairly simple: You hold a bar and pull your body up with your arms. Most people can do at least a few of them without getting tired. With many benefits, the pull-up is an essential part of anyone’s regular workout. It builds upper body strength fairly quickly compared to other workouts.

The mechanics of a pull-up are simple. With an underhand grip and palms facing away from you, you dangle from the pull-up bar. You then pull yourself up so that your chest is at level with the bar. No momentum should be gained by pushing off the ground with your legs; the pull-up only involves arm strength and no other body parts.

Body parts strengthened during the pull-up are mostly in the back and arms. Mostly the Latissimus Dorsi in the back and the biceps in the arms are strained, but this exercise also targets many of the muscles that are involved in a lesser degree too. Basically, the pull-up involves your entire upper body and strains it too. Depending on the number of pull-ups done and the frequency with which they are performed, upper body strength will increase over time.

The pull-up is difficult for many people because of the sole reliance on the arms that is involved, but anyone can do a pull-ups if they try hard enough. Pull-up bars are handy because they can be used anywhere and ones that are mounted on a door frame are easily portable. Free-standing pull up bars, on the other hand, aren’t exactly portable but do allow a person to perform many exercises that they couldn’t on a smaller pull-up bar. More pull-ups means more strength and pull-up bars are easily accessible today, so it doesn’t hurt to go out and buy one to pump up your upper body today.