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Cutting-edge Diving Watches

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Let us make a quick review of diving watches that are available on the market. Among all the companies producing timepieces for water and underwater sportsmen, there are two leaders, CASIO and Luminox, which lead the market.

CASIO has always been known for its innovative products such as a CASIOTRON, the first wristwatch with automatic calendar allowing you to forget about resetting calendar each month that has less than 31 days, and having a liquid crystal display that was adopted to show all the information needed. This watch was a groundbreaking product. Then DATA BANK product series incorporated calculator and calendar functions, and G-SHOCK was considered to be the toughest watch in the world, unaffected by strong impacts or shaking. It was universally recognized, and became wildly popular among sportsmen and active people.

The CASIO Men’s AMW320-R Marine Ana-Digi Dive Watch combines an appearance of an analog watch with innovative functionality of a digital timepiece, its round silver stainless steel case is 45 mm wide, and it is backed by  black resin sports strap. It is capable of working as deep as 100 meters which is quite enough for any recreational diver.

Luminox company is famous for their products aimed at US Navy and other military forces. Its founder, Barry Cohen, used a Swiss technology of self-powered illumination system to produce watches that work in darker or no light conditions and show bright information about time without need to push any buttons and being charged by daily light. This outstanding technique of self-powered micro-gas lights, with borosilicate glass capsules, allows its hands and hour indicators to produce light that is 100 more luminant than any other digital watches are capable of, for continuous twenty-five years in a row. This makes Luminox watches wildly popular among military men, extreme sportmen, as well as divers and snorkeling enthusiasts.

When you take you diving gear with you, do not forget to take your CASIO or Luminox diving watch!