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Silver Hoop Earrings For Every Occasion

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The many varieties of silver hoop earrings and their combinations with precious and semi precious stones makes them perfect for wearing to any event. These elegant silver earrings are always in fashion. The different types of silver hoop earrings that you can find are:

Simple hoops of various sizes

You can wear silver hoop earrings of various sizes depending upon your liking. Ranging from tiny hoops, to gypsy styled large open hoops, silver hoops look good with any outfit depending upon the occasion. Diamond studded small silver hoop earrings are gorgeous and can be worn at intimate dinners, and even at family weddings.

Gorgeous dangle silver hoop earrings

Dangle silver hoop earrings can be crafted to be even more beautiful by featuring curved twirls that can have any pattern arranged on the inside of the hoop. Their delicate style can flatter the features of any woman, depending upon the size of the hoop, and the carving featured inside. They can also be small, or have large attention catching sizes.

Interlocked stacked hoop earrings

Stacked hoop earrings feature their beautiful silver shine and can be quite long with the help of interlocking loops. The length of these earrings can be adjusted, according to the number of hoops that interlock with each other. These are definitely a pair of silver earrings that draw admiring looks from all. Dangling on swinging loops these fabulous silver earrings are an essential part of your jewelry collection.

Hammered open hoops

Silver hoop earrings can feature a striking hammered texture. This can be achieved by having tiny hammered effects on open drop shaped silver earring. These silver loop earrings exhibit a luster that can catch and reflect light on the mottled surface of its frame work giving a beautiful silvery sparkling look. They can be worn at the office, or even at parties to jazz up your fashion style.

Stacked nested, twisted silver hoop earrings

These silver earrings feature stacked and nested hoops that can measure any size according to your preference. They can be embellished with a dangling sphere at the hoops center and can also have other designs like hearts or stars nested within the open hoop. These are perfect for girls and younger women that love large sized silver hoop. Bring a trendy flair to any style by adding an eye-catching pair of these silver hoop earrings.

Check Out Silver Amber Earrings

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Everyone loves silver accessories. Not only do they look great, they are also quite affordable to boot! Probably the best silver pieces are earrings. Silver earrings are popular for hundreds of years back. Even pirates are known to have them. Silver is well loved by many because it’s a great setting for almost any gem. It complements any and every shade of stone and they tend to look great on anybody wearing them. Usually, exotic and beautiful silver pieces are made with stones like turquoise but times and preferences change. Now, people want silver amber earrings, of which there are tons of designs, colors and sizes to choose from. It’s like shopping for treats at the candy shop!

There are two reasons for the sudden popularity of silver amber earrings. One is that they go great with one another. They are also fairly easy to make for the jewelers so you can find them in abundance. Second is the price. Since amber is a resin and not a real gem, they are quite affordable. Being affordable doesn’t mean it has to look tacky though. They are really pretty pieces to add to your collection. These stones are also warm especially if they are worn close to the body. If you rub them a bit, you’ll be pleasantly surprise that it has a scent too! That property is just for ambers.

If you want something very unique, you can try out the blue amber pieces. They are a bit pricey though. That’s because the blue ones are very rare. You can have a look at them at your local museum or at online stores.

Silver amber earrings may come in designs like hoop, dangles or even stud pieces. You can choose which ones you like best. The design is purely based on the size and the type of inclusion it has. Take for example; if you have a small inclusion only, they make very good stud pieces. If you have bigger inclusions, these are best displayed as dangling or hoop earrings. Just look around, you’re bound to love shopping for them. Enjoy!

Silver Earrings for Women

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Silver earrings are nearly as popular as those that are made of gold. In the past, silver and gold were used as trading tools but today these two precious metals are used for jewelry making. Many people especially women love silver earrings because of several reasons like the fact they are very attractive and do not usually cause the allergic reaction that gold can. Compared to earrings that are made of other precious metals, silver earrings are the cheapest and are equally durable. The price of silver jewelry is actually considered to be one of its main advantages among all other precious metals. Silver jewelry can be bought starting from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Of course, the size, design, brand and the precious stones attached to it can greatly affect the price.

Most of the time, silver is not used alone for jewelry because it is too soft. It is often mixed with other metals to ensure higher strength. There are several types of silver that are used to create earrings for women. One of the most popular types of silver used for jewelry making is sterling silver. It is composed of 90% pure silver mixed with different alloys like copper, for strength and durability. Earrings that are made of sterling silver are the most commonly used and seen anywhere in the world nowadays. You can also find other types of silver like oxidized silver and German silver.

Silver earrings for women are also sometimes decorated with gems and precious stones. This is to make such jewelry even more attractive and eye catching. However, among all precious stones, the diamond is considered to be silver’s perfect partner. Silver and diamonds compliment each other very well which makes the jewelry a work of the art. Indeed silver earrings are considered as a popular fashion accessory for women.

Silver Beaded Hoop Earrings To Match Your Beaded Bracelets and Necklaces

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Sterling Silver beaded hoop earrings are a popular type of silver hoop earring with the young crowd. Ever since the concept of beads on bracelets introduced by Pandora took hold, there has been a big interest on the part of jewelry shoppers in the use of beads in other types of jewelry. The sterling silver beads that you see on bracelets are basically donuts of silver that are threaded to fit on the particular width of sterling silver bracelets that most manufacturers make to accommodate the beads. Sterling silver beads are a fairly new concept that began recently driving the trend towards beaded bracelets and necklaces in silver. There are also silver right hand rings that incorporate a similar concept.

This idea translates well for sterling silver hoop earrings because basically a hoop earring is a standard width hoop that can be strung with an assortment of beads. There are all types of beads that can go on a sterling silver hoop earring. Some of them include acrylic beads, glass beads, faceted crystal beads, turquoise beads, lampworked beads and quartz beads. Faceted beads are some of the nicest if you want to attract attention by having a swinging hoop on your ear. These clearer glass beads catch the light and reflect it at eye level while the earrings dance  on your ear.

Not only can the hoops be strung with beads that have  drill holes but can also be strung with silver posts with a small jump ring on the end that connects to larger  jump rings with hanging beads. This is essentially a dangle earring created from many sterling Silver hoops and smaller jump rings that are great for when you want an earring that swings and sways as you move. Instead of the beads being fixed on a hoop, they swing from a post and create an entirely different look. Some women call them shoulder dusters because they can hang long from the ear till they are almost touching the shoulder. I would still call these hoop earrings because ultimately they start out from a hoop and become a dangle earring.