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Rug Cleaners For Your Area Rugs

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Two of the best things you can do for your area rugs are to vacuum clean them every day and to clean up spills right away in case they do happen. However, when it comes to doing a deeper clean, you’re going to need a rug cleaner. These cleaners come in different types so it is important for you to determine which one among them will give you optimal results.

Here are some of the types of rug cleaners that you can choose from. First on the list would be powders. Powder-based cleaners, which are a kind of solvent, need to be applied onto the carpet and be left to stay for a minimum of 15 minutes before getting vacuumed. These materials perform like magnets since they attract dust and humidity out of the rugs. These don’t need drying time so they come in great during emergency cleanups – plus these come with scents that help mask the unpleasant smells of tobacco and pets. The next variety would be foam. Now, there are two kinds of foam cleaners namely foam for home use and foam for professional use. The first one can be mixed along with water at room temperature and can be applied on rugs manually. A few minutes after being applied, the foam turns into powder, which you can then easily vacuum. On the other hand, foams for professional use are applied with a machine and are brushed vigorously onto the carpet. These are very effective in removing dust, crumbs, and other types of dirt attached onto rugs.

Another would be bonnet cleaning. Bonnet cleaners or otherwise known as spin pads, absorbent pads, or carbonated shampoos, are actually adaptations of hardwood buffers. This type makes use of a pad that is attached to a low speed rotating brush soaked in a cleaning solution. The friction produced by the pad on the rug’s surface is used to pick up dirt. However, this is not advised for rugs with long loops as to the reason that these aren’t able to penetrate deep into carpets.