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Silver Earrings for Women

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Silver earrings are nearly as popular as those that are made of gold. In the past, silver and gold were used as trading tools but today these two precious metals are used for jewelry making. Many people especially women love silver earrings because of several reasons like the fact they are very attractive and do not usually cause the allergic reaction that gold can. Compared to earrings that are made of other precious metals, silver earrings are the cheapest and are equally durable. The price of silver jewelry is actually considered to be one of its main advantages among all other precious metals. Silver jewelry can be bought starting from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Of course, the size, design, brand and the precious stones attached to it can greatly affect the price.

Most of the time, silver is not used alone for jewelry because it is too soft. It is often mixed with other metals to ensure higher strength. There are several types of silver that are used to create earrings for women. One of the most popular types of silver used for jewelry making is sterling silver. It is composed of 90% pure silver mixed with different alloys like copper, for strength and durability. Earrings that are made of sterling silver are the most commonly used and seen anywhere in the world nowadays. You can also find other types of silver like oxidized silver and German silver.

Silver earrings for women are also sometimes decorated with gems and precious stones. This is to make such jewelry even more attractive and eye catching. However, among all precious stones, the diamond is considered to be silver’s perfect partner. Silver and diamonds compliment each other very well which makes the jewelry a work of the art. Indeed silver earrings are considered as a popular fashion accessory for women.