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A Brief Look at Silver Objects

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Silver on its own is not a very strong metal and needs an alloy to make it sturdier. You can find some objects in the purest silver which would be 99,9% silver but it would not be the best choice for most items as it would be too soft. We normally accept as the standard silver or sterling silver an alloy that contains 92,5% silver and hence the mark 925 which is often found on silver objects. The rest of the alloy would be copper that can strengthen silver enough to make it good for most items.

You can find some solid objects (not jewelry, for instance, as it would be too weak for it) in Britannia silver which is 95% pure silver. In the 19th century German silver became popular to make jewelry as it is 50% silver and the rest is nickel or zinc. The problem with German silver is that many people are allergic to nickel and it has become a lot less popular for jewelry in the past decades. Beware as you might still find some authentic silver vintage earrings made of German silver.
The least expensive type of silver object would be when it is only silver plated. As only the external coating is actually made of silver while the inside is of another material (often zinc) it means that even for large objects the quantity of silver used would be relatively small. This is ideal for silverware that you intend to use often as you might not be happy to use daily something a lot more expensive. Although  a lot less expensive than gold any solid  sterling silver object would be fairly valuable and be a family heirloom. Even if you do not use it, silver tends to tarnish when exposed to air and will require regular hand polishing. Under no circumstance you should put your silverware in a dishwasher, il would take a lot of sheen off sterling silver and completely ruin silver plated objects.
There is a large variety of silverware available, the most popular is cutlery, dishes, tea and coffee sets, bowls, silver photo frames and candle holders.

Ideas for gifts for the Holidays

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Have you started your holiday shopping for the upcoming holiday season?  Whether you plan on shopping online or in the malls, you need to have a list to be the most time efficient and within your spending budget.  But before you make your list, you need to have ideas!  If you do have ideas, that is great.  If not, don’t worry, here are some ideas to get you going.

Do you have any book lovers in your life?  Here are some ideas for gifts for book lovers.  Since they love books, you can them gift cards to their favorite bookstore such as Barnes and Noble or Borders.  A lot of people have ebook readers or ereader these days.  There are still kinda of expensive, but Border’s bookstore makes the Kobo ereader that sells for $99.99 according to Border’s website.  This might be an excellent idea.  Let’s say you don’t have a big budget and need to get a smaller priced item.  You can consider getting them some cool bookmarks.  A serious book lover will always need another bookmark.  You can also think about getting them a book light.  These devices clip onto your books and provide light in poorly lit rooms to prevent the reader from developing eye strain.

Maybe you don’t have any book lovers in your life, but you have a sister, mother, grandmother, cousin, aunt, or good friends to buy for.  I think it’s safe to say that all women love jewelry.   You’ll find something like a necklace, pendant, bracelet, earrings, or rings.  There is always a wide price range so you don’t have to break your budget with this one.  Consider getting them rose rings.  A simple sterling silver ring with a rose could go with all outfits.  A heart necklace is also a nice idea.  It’s a classic design and usually everyone loves it.  Especially if you are giving it to a family member.  You’re supposed to love your family, right?