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Make it nice in Tahoe

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A Lake Tahoe wedding ceremony and reception can be more than merely enjoyable, it may be turned into a grand adventure reserved just for the two of you. Forget about tiny wedding chapels and call for a Tahoe out-of-doors wedding ceremony out amongst the cathedrals of nature.

The outdoor wedding venue alternatives at the lake are essentially endless. Several sites require payment of a permit fee to the city or state, and then some of them will cost you almost nothing other than your time and effort, together with a little bit of gas. Emerald Bay invokes imagery of rugged mountain tops coupled with the still emerald water of the bay. As an added bonus, the wedding ceremonies at the bay are just as romantic as you might imagine. Your viewpoint and photography from the wedding perch are awesome, and the bride’s march down the path between the trees is enchanting. Emerald Bay really is a wonderful pick for outdoor Lake Tahoe weddings, if the count won’t exceed about twenty-four guests. As I said, there exists a state park fee for the wedding lookout, which is absolutely worth it – You’ll get your personal privacy, not to mention a natural background lovely enough a movie scene.

If you want a no-fee location, you will need only have a look at Logan Shoals. Your view on the blue water is serene and perfect, and also great for sundown wedding stills. It is one of the best Lake Tahoe venues for sunset wedding images, and in the wintertime, it is exquisite.

For beachfront locations and wedding parties, give some thought to a lovely spot on the green at Regan Beach West, or perhaps on the huge stretch of lake sand at Zephyr, or The Cove making use of its fantastic old pier. Do that, and you’ll be delighted to find fine food establishments and relaxed reception enjoyment is just feet away.

Gatherings within the Lake Tahoe Outdoor are just a lot of fun. If you wish to make your wedding event the event of your lifetime, I would definitely recommend it.