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Are Women’s Titanium Rings Expensive?

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A great alternative for budget wise wedding couples is to select a titanium ring or set rather than platinum. Titanium rings are way cheaper than platinum, more expensive than your silver jewelry but most likely cost about the same price as your gold pieces.

You would want a wedding band to be as looking expensive as possible. Something that can show class and elegance without the compromise of quality. That is why most couple buy titanium rings with small diamond embedded in the ring rather than the expensive platinum band with 1 carat diamond. There are a lot of design and shops where you can buy the choice of rings that you prefer and I will list down base on prices to help you decide on what to get, where to buy and how much money you can spend.

$3,000 and Above - this is the limitless, “what’s-the-best-that-my-money-can-buy option”. You can choose the best platinum bands of highest quality, from .25 carat to 1 carat, choose from different color and etc. This is the price range where you can definitely find the best of what the market can offer. If you have this kind of budget then knock yourself out!

$1,000 – In this price range, you can invest in a good quality titanium band or gold and maybe include a diamond gem or you can get a lot cheaper if you get cubic zirconia.

$ 1,000 and less – this is the price market for people who are under a budget but still wants the best of what their money can afford. There are still shops where you can buy a great rings that you can use as a wedding ring or engagement band. Since titanium is cheaper than platinum you can really browse through a lot of designs, choose a gem maybe cubic zirconia, and you are set.

It’s not how much a ring cost but what your money can best afford. There are a lot of shops that can help you decide based on your budget. Some of the shops are: Titanium Workshop, Titanium Era, Cascadia Design and more. So search hard for the shop that caters to your needs.