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Do you need wrinkle fillers

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Imagine you are just getting ready for an important party in the evening, you being gorgeously dressed and suddenly happen to see wrinkles appearing on your face! How do you feel? Obviously upset. Isn’t it? But please don’t worry; simply barge-in your nearby cosmetic shop, buy a topical wrinkle filler cream and you are ready to rock your party tonight!

The same may be the case with many people today, and so many of these cosmetic companies involved with anti-ageing products started manufacturing topical wrinkle fillers, especially after products like ‘Restylane’ and other facial fillers became a hit in the market!

Well, before you decide on going for such a wrinkle filler, you must understand how it really works!
Basically the topical wrinkle fillers are temporary solutions, when applied on the face, just fill in the sunken wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, frown lines or mouth. They normally work in two different ways to hide wrinkles. Firstly, when these topical wrinkle fillers are applied, they fluff up the facial skin, typically like a moisturizer meant for anti-ageing. These fillers contain an ingredient called silicone, which is not present in a moisturizer, fills in the sunken lines or crease, simply like the cement fills up the gap between tiles on the floor! Then, these fillers contain an optical pigment which can reflect light, make the light leap away from the shadow of the wrinkles, thus making it almost invisible!

Some type of topical wrinkle fillers may sometimes contain anti-ageing ingredients giving more benefits to your skin. But the difference between these topical wrinkle fillers and anti-ageing products is that the percentage of anti-ageing ingredients will be very lesser in filler products. That is why these topical best wrinkle fillers are classified somewhere in between the anti-ageing skin care product and a cosmetic product!