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The best campfire treats on your family camping holiday

Posted on 11 January 2011


If you are on a family camping holiday with your little and naughty kids, you would want to make your camping trip an unforgettable one for your kids. Aside from the outdoor adventures that they can experience and the activities and games that you will have them enjoy, another way to ensure that they will have the best summer time is to prepare some campfire treats for them.

Nothing can be better than the laughter and stories that you share with your family around a campfire. Here are some of the best and delicious campfire treats that you can make for your family for a memorable family camping.

SMORES- You must have heard of this classic campfire treat. It is made with marshmallows, Graham crackers, and Hershey’s milk chocolate. Toast as much marshmallows as you want and press them with two Graham crackers and a piece of chocolate. For a better and more special smores, you can use peanut chip cookies instead.

CHOCOLATE BANANAS- Get a strip of aluminum foil of around 12 inches long, cut an entire banana lengthwise, ad put caramel or chocolate in it. Squeeze the two halves of the banana together and wrap the foil around it. Put it on a fire or coals for around 4 to 6 minutes. When it is done, take it off the flame, open it up and enjoy the yummy taste of the melted chocolate in the banana.

CINNAMON APPLE- The same as how you made the bananas, you can use apples. All you will need to do is remove the core of the apple using a knife or the end of a peeler. Be careful enough to maintain the shape of the apple. Make the hole of the apple not too small for cinnamon and brown sugar. Use a foil to wrap the apples and put them in the fire for at most 5 minutes.

Going on a family camping holiday is indeed something special, thus it deserves the most special treats for your kids.

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