The Best Ladies Wedge Shoes and Boots Available Online

Posted on 10 April 2010


Ladies wedge shoes and boots are one of those things that regular shoe shops carry but often only one or two designs amongst other heal options. If you really want a particular wedge, then you often end up running all over town to several shops and still not finding what you really had in mind. However Internet shoe shopping allows you to set filters and select only blue ladies wedge shoes in size 9 or black suede ladies wedge boots in size 5 and see all that’s available quickly and easily. With places like Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus and even Barneys New York and other large designer shoe retailers now having outlets online, it has become much easier and cheaper and less frustrating to shop for very specific shoes, boots and sandals.

Ladies Wedge Shoes Online

Let’s take a closer look at what you can get and how to shop quickly.

Bloomingdale’s has all the latest ladies wedge shoes by all the top designers and even some really affordable Calvin Klein footwear that you can get all online.

Shopbop and Bluefly and Footcandy carry trendy wedge shoes in a variety of prices, but you can set filters to get exactly the style you want.

Zappos is huge in the footwear department and they carry lots of the top ladies wedge shoes and sandals and you can also set filters to choose size and color and the exact designer or manufacturer.

Burberry has their own shop online and carry the fabulous spring high heeled wedges for women that are often more affordable than what you find in the shops. Bergdorf Goodman also has opened an online outlet and sell their designer labels direct. They have ladies wedge boots on sale right now in the spring, but also have a collection of the spring and summer wedges.

Net-A-Porter carries top designer ladies wedge boots, shoes and sandals including such designers as Alexander Wang and Barneys New York has an online shop that has good prices on top fashions like the ladies wedge shoes that have been on the runways including the wild Ann Demeulemeester Buckle Wedge sandal boot that retails for over $1,000.

The Shoe Box has more affordable wedge shoes and boots but also made by all the top manufactures and even designers like Rosegold Shawna who have lines that are cheap, under $200.

Lord & Taylor also carry affordable ladies footwear and have low heeled casuals that are under $50.

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