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The Ins and Outs of the Finn McMissile Toy

Posted on 02 April 2012


If you’ve seen Cars 2, you’ll no doubt recognize Finn McMissile as the suave spy-car with a variety of hidden gadgets up his sleeve. Developed by Air Hogs, this remote-controlled toy certainly does a good job of creating a toy that looks like Finn from the movie itself, but also produces an entertaining toy that’ll be enjoyed by children of all ages.

The Finn McMissile toy isn’t one of the top toys for nothing. It boasts a body that is made out of durable plastics that don’t easily break and are made to last. the controls are smooth enough if you can deal with a second-delay when it comes to relaying comments on your transmitter. Since this toy is child-proof your child can get into the controls in no time.
Here are the following features that Finn McMissile is capable of:

  • Dynamic remote controls. Finn can unleash a flurry of missiles and make a clever quip afterwards; all with the touch of the button.
  • Missile Launchers. Finn unsheathes a readied line of missile launchers that you can fire and reload later on.
  • Dramatic One-Liners. Make Finn speak with a variety of one-liners, all taken from the movie, Cars.

PROS: This toy can certainly stand a lot of punishment and is made with big-enough parts that will prevent choking hazards (although you might want to remove the missiles if there isn’t an adult to watch your kid.)

CONS: It has a noticeable delay when it comes to response time. Another one of the more noticeable cons is the fact that the design is sticker-based. The missile parts may also pose as a choking hazard if you let your child play, unsupervised.

The Finn McMissile toy has a simplistic design, which makes it uncomplicated enough for tiny hands to operate without the usual risks of remote controlled units. Get this toy if your child can’t handle an advanced RC unit and needs a good simple remote-controlled car that he or she can get used to before setting off to remote-controlled choppers and more intricate remote-controlled cars.

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