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The Kindle Fire UK is long overdue;Amazon is preparing a surprise for you!

Posted on 18 April 2012


What makes the Kindle Fire so popular? If we take the price into consideration then we can say it’s the real reason why this is so. But this will be fallacious since there are a lot of cheap products that didn’t make even a ripple in the consumer’s market. The Kindle android made a lot of waves and has conquered the hearts of millions of consumers who readily wiped the shelves clean in just a few weeks. While US consumers are enjoying their Kindle tablets, those who are in other countries are still waiting for theirs; one of these other countries is the UK. The consumers there are still waiting for the arrival of Kindle Fire UK. Unlike what happened before when they ordered Kindle e readers from the US and used them there, buying a Kindle Fire from the US and bringing it to the UK won’t have the same effect. The most important apps are not available in the country. No movies, TV show, and so on. Fans will just have to wait a little more, maybe 2 months, before they can truly enjoy the tablet.

What may have caused the delay? Delays are not always bad. They’re sometimes necessary especially when they are for the good of the public. Some flights are delayed when there’s a storm coming. There are schedules that get derailed just to make sure consumers don’t suffer.  They become a part of the process in order to come up with the best results. And this is definitely what Amazon is doing. Does this sound too good to be true; it may, but there’s no better way of explaining it except this way.  This Kindle will be better than anything Amazon has ever produced. Customers will enjoy it better.  Bad reviews may still fill the blog lanes but customers will have none of them

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