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The Nifty Fifty Series of Digital Camera Lens

Posted on 28 January 2012


The Cannon EF50, also called the Nifty-Fifty is a group of lenses designed and built by Cannon Camera Corporation for use on their very popular EF mount equipped cameras, including the EOS line of digital cameras, which includes the hugely popular REBEL digital SLRs. The lenses are normal prime lenses and feature a double gauss lens construction. The EF50 Series of lenses went to market first in Japan and then in the US and abroad. The lenses were introduced in September 1989 and were received with a mixed review by most photographer experts. On one hand, the lenses could provide a much larger aperture than any other lens on the market at the time; on the other hand, however they had an enormous price tag, and the needs for such a lens were often thought to be so minor that the purchase could be considered frivolous for most buyers.

The lens that is present is important to some photographers who want to have detailed photos from objects that are great distances away. The main advantage of this lens is the fact that this can all be accomplished with the single lens. This greatly simplifies the amount of equipment that is needed on a shoot and reduced the number of times that the lens needs to be changed on the camera body.

The main disadvantage to these lenses is the fact that they have an enormous price tag. The base price for a 50mm f1.0L is around $2500 US. This can make it very cost prohibitive for those who may not have a need for the high specialized usages that the EF 50mm is designed for. Of course, there are times when you need to have that extra step in order to get the best picture possible and the large aperture is always a good thing to have available.

In short, the EF 50mm lines of lenses are great for those who have a need for the large aperture and extra stop availability. The price tag is high and may be out of reach for some, but for professionals there really is no other choice for them to make. For those that are not professionals, Cannon has created another great series with this line up of lenses and the wide availability of the EF mounting system means that they can be used by a large range of photographers in an almost limitless array of ways, and be a bit easier on the wallet for those that are serious about purchasing.

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