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The reason why I love Newry in Ireland – there’s alot to do

Posted on 26 February 2011


The town of Newry in N . Ireland is a fairly small place however even so there’s so much to do, it can be tough to pack everything in to your trip. I understand that whenever you get to any new town the first time it can be a tad daunting however I figured I might write down a few of my favourite things to do when you are there.

Costs are usually a factor for virtually any activity I consider trying inside a new city simply because keeping costs affordable is definitely a priority. On the list of most affordable activities to do is coming to the two major shopping centres in the middle of the city which are the Quays and in addition Buttercrane which both have considerable car parking. I realize that shopping is often associated with wasting cash but there are a lot of affordable cafes and knick-knack shops and there’s invariably window shopping also.

A much-loved activity of mine is definitely go-karting and Newry posseses an outstanding track on the outskirts of the city that offers very affordable prices for folks of all ages. You can get one hour on the race track for less than $50 bucks which I think is definitely excellent value and racing around this premium track is a real kick. Regardless of whether you’re in no way into go-karting they have a cafe and observation section so you can just relax and watch.

Following a long day there’s little better than a drink inside a traditional Irish bar and one of my personal favourites is Bellinis that’s located in the actual heart of Newry. One thing I enjoy about the pub is that the local people go there to hang out as well and it’s not just other tourists that you’re going to meet. I’ve generally thought that hanging out with local folks is the key for an enjoyable vacation anyplace since it’s the key to getting an authentic taste of the local lifestyle.

Hopefully this guide will give you a couple of suggestions on exactly how to make the best of your stay in Newry, if you’re searching for a place to stay pay a visit to my blog Newry hotels for many more posts.

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