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The Top Myths about Acne You Must Know

Posted on 23 February 2011


A Tan is Good for Your Skin and Can Cure Acne

Many people have claimed that getting a tan can help clear up your skin. Although getting a tan will cover up the redness, it does not help to clear up your acne at all. Over-tanning can actually cause your skin damages. It can worsen your acne or complicate the healing process of your skin severely.

Food Does Not Cause Acne

This really depends on how you look at the problem. Food does cause acne to develop underneath your skin in a sense that it controls the hormonal levels in your body. If you eat more fatty foods, and foods that contain a lot of preservatives or sugars, your body will produce a higher than normal level of hormones. This increased production of hormones is what cause your acne to develop and worsen.

Washing a Lot Helps

Washing your face is an important part of controlling excessive oils that plays a role in causing acne. However, over-washing your face can take away the essential oils and moisture off your skin. This will cause your skin to become dry and irritated, giving chance for the bacteria to infect your skin and irritate your skin.

Popping Your Pimples The First Moment You Spot A Zit

A lot people may thought that popping a pimple can clear out the bacteria. However, doing this will actually leave open wounds where the pimple was and bacteria being pushed deeper into the skin. Popping pimples can lead to more infections and scars while spreading bacteria at same time. Using devices to pop pimples or extract blackheads will also have the risk of getting scar. So don’t pop your pimples!

Don’t Wear Makeup

Wearing makeup can cause acne breakout. Makeup actually will get in your pores and clog your pores, leading to acne. Cosmetics nowadays contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid which actually helps to fight chest acne.

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