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The Wii Fit Craze

Posted on 04 April 2012


The Nintendo Wii Fit Game is gaining large popularity among those who never dreamed of doing any exercise program before. The games and activities included in the Wii Fit game consist of aerobics, strength training and yoga as well as balance. The user stands on a Wii Fit Balance Board that resembles that of a bathroom weight scale.

Today the game is in the top 3 of the best selling Wii games. In 2010, 24.61 million Wii Fit games were sold.

Families are even coming together to exercises together using Wii Fit. Many gyms and health clubs have added Wii Fit exercise stations to their establishments. Some stores have even opened up in the recent year with all inclusive Wii Fit exercise stations. The game has the capability of measuring the players weight and balance as well as posture.

Nursing homes have added the game to their choices of daily activities. Studies among the elderly have shown the game helps improve over-all balance and posture. Wii Fit has the ability to store the personal data of 8 players. Even fitness and activities done outside of the game can be added to the games data base in order to track progress and the level achieved improvement.

The player watches the personal trainer who gives precise and correct movements for accomplishing the exercises. When choosing yoga the personal trainer takes the player through the proper movements and correct form of each exercise.

Throughout the game the user is shown a red indicator level for their center of balance. At the beginning of the game it calculates where the player is at in regards to their fitness level and age. Such as a 32 year old woman might only be in as good of shape as expected of a 50 year old woman. This, alone, is enough motivation to give Wii Fit a try.

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