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Thomas Sabo Produces Jewellery with Character

Posted on 22 March 2012


Why do humans wear jewellery? There are very few practical reasons for doing so. The reason why we wear jewellery is to express our individuality, it is an extension of our personalities and character. You could say it is a primal thing, humans have been decorating themselves with beads, decorative materials, and body paints since the dawn of time.

Much of the more commercial types of jewellery that is seen on the market today is merely a display of opulence and wealth. It incorporates precious metals and gemstones in its designs which are intended to look like it costs a lot of money. Whilst this type of jewellery may well say a lot about the wearer’s values, it is a clear display of the importance that they give to wealth and materialistic values, but you might argue that it doesn’t really reflect anything deeper about their character and personality.

I think jewellery should be both attractive and personal. I’m not necessarily saying all jewellery should be deep and meaningful, just that it should represent the wearer’s personality and character rather than some of the mass produced rubbish that is seen on sale.

One brand of jewellery that I have grown to love over the last few years is Thomas Sabo. They produce wonderfully charismatic designs that are full of character. Though Thomas Sabo designs ooze quality in their workmanship, they don’t do it in a distasteful manner which overpowers the style of the designs.

For starters Thomas Sabo jewellery uses sterling silver (not other more expensive metals), this makes it less flashy. Their jewellery is all about the individual designs. Take the Thomas Sabo ‘Rebel at Heart’ jewellery collection which takes symbols which you might expect to see tattooed on the arm of a hells angel biker such as skulls, dragons, crucifixes and anchors, and blends them into some wonderfully attractive charms, pendants, rings, necklaces and bracelets.

For anyone with a bit of rebellious streak to their personality you should take a look. See Joshua James Jewellery for all of the Thomas Sabo Jewellery collections including the ‘Wild at Heart’ range.

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