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Tips on Office Ergonomics

Posted on 30 March 2011


Ergonomics at the workplace, for employees ensures that they are healthy, fit, and also maximizes workers output. Ergonomics can be described as guide lines for a workplace that are formulated in order to make the workplace a safe and comfortable environment to work in for the employees. When these guide lines are followed, it results to the employees becoming more productive and also maintaining their health in good condition and their general well being. Further more, employees should always ensure they strictly follow ergonomics tips to be more productive.

Since the office is where most working adults spend most of their time, it is critical to pay close attention to workplace ergonomics, to give out maximum output and also to prevent unnecessary aches or pains and other conditions caused by poor lighting and posture. Here are several ergonomics tips to take into account, for your general well being

The office furniture should be arranged appropriately at the workplace, to avoid unnecessary injuries caused be poorly arranged furniture. While setting up a work station you should always consider normal human dimensions, some people are taller and others shorter and may encounter difficulties when using different sizes of chairs and desks.

The chair should be easy and comfortable to use. Ergonomic chairs can be adjusted according to the desk height; it should also have a flat and straight back, in order to maintain a comfortable posture. It is recommended to a go for a chair fitted with an arm rest and sitting on chair matting, this makes it easy to use a keyboard and maintain the right posture. When sitting, firmly plant you feet below the knees, and form a ninety degree angle. For shorter individuals you can opt for various foot rest designed specifically for this.

So as to not strain your eyes, the monitor should directly be in front of you, and the chair height should be in a way that when viewing the screen, the eye level should be directed a bit downward. The desk height should also facilitate this positioning.

Ergonomic keyboard should have a tray that enable you to easily and comfortably position your wrists when typing. The keyboard tray height should be in such a manner that the elbows are at the same level with the shoulders, preferably 90 to 130 degree angle.

Another important ergonomic tip to keep healthy is to regularly take a five minute break after working for an hour. Take time to stretch and walk around the office to allow for blood to circulate freely in the body.

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