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Top 5 Exercise Bike Reviews for 2011

Posted on 19 March 2012


This article gives a short overview of the top 5 exercise bikes of 2011 according to the leading consumer websites geared towards the fitness market.  Whether you are looking for an advanced indoor fitness trainer or an entry level stationary bike then you should be able to choose one of these top models below.

Star Trac Spinner NXT Bike – Best for Spinning

If you like spinning and have take your fitness seriously then the Star Trac Spinner NXT is for you.  It’s an expensive bike with retail prices in the UK starting at over one thousand pounds.  But the money you pay is directly shown in the quality of this bike which is top of the exercise bike reviews right now.  Please note this is a specialist spinning bike so if you want something a little bit more for beginners then perhaps the next review might suit you.

Body Sculpture BC6730G Exercise Bike – Cheap and Cheerful

So for beginners why not try out the Body Sculpture entry level model for just over one hundred pounds if buying in the UK.  It comes with twelve different work out programs and heart rate controls so you should be able to vary your routines on a daily basis – and that’s the here because this exercise bike, despite being cheap, can be used daily as it’s that durable.

V-Fit MPTCR2 Recumbent Bike – Best for People with Bad Backs

V-Fit do a great range of affordable home gym equipment and their foray into recumbent bikes is no exception.  Recumbent bikes are best for people who suffer from back problems or that severely overweight due to the comfort factors that they offer.  The retail price is under three hundred if you buy it from Amazon who seem to have the cheapest prices of all the online retailers.

Whatever your budget is you can find an exercise bike review and model for you so get searching today because getting fit at home is not only rewarding but can also lead to a healthier lifestyle and improve mental well-being. Cheap spinning bikes are amongst the best for a fat burning cardio vascular work out.

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