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Try These Scarf Valance Ideas On Your Windows

Posted on 29 March 2011


Fabrics usually add beauty to a window. In windows that are too small, it may not be a good idea to have drapes that end up shrinking the room. Scarf valances are the best to use on small rooms with small windows. A scarf valance is a decorated rod hung on windows allowing you to place fabrics on the window from one corner to another. Below are some ideas for scarf valances decoration tips you can use while decorating your home.

There are different types of valances in the market. Some are extravagant while others are simple. The rods can be made from wood or even metal. When choosing a valance, you should also consider the fabric material that you will use on the window. You can use transparent, opaque, vibrant colors or even earth tones types of fabric. Scarf valances also come in a wide variety and you can easily change them to fit in with your personal tastes.

You can use any type of scarf valance to decorate a room. There is no special skill required when choosing a valance. You can easily borrow ideas on the internet or on home improvement catalogs.

It is common for the fabrics to fall off from the rods, especially on broad and large windows. Swags as these motions are commonly known usually occur in windows that are inclined, declined or even those that are not horizontal. Another one of the many scarf valance ideas is to use tiebacks to keep the fabrics in place and avoid the swag motions.

The use of scarf valance is not limited to small windows; you can use them on large windows as well. The technique is quite affordable and achievable using a modest budget and the results are exceptional. Anyone looking to spice up his or her small home should consider this technique. It is a great way that you can use to amplify colors and effects while also changing the focal point of any room.

Use these scarf window valances ideas to bring out the unique features and decorations in any room in your home.

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