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Useful Organizing Tips

Posted on 18 June 2010


If you enjoy cooking, there is always a simple joy that comes from opening the door to an organized cabinet seeing your kitchen accessories and food storage containers neatly in place. Organized kitchen cabinets give you easy access to kitchen accessories and you know immediately what staples are running low so you know when to replenish.

You think it’s hard to achieve? Think again. What you can do is to set aside an hour or so one afternoon, clear off some counter space; it won’t hurt to have a trash bin on hand, then you can start working.

The first thing to do is clear out everything. Toss out or recycle food storage containers that are cracked or have missing lids. Check out expiration dates and dispose off canned goods that are past their prime. Once you have cleared out the kitchen cabinet, clean the shelves using soap and water and then wipe them dry.

Plastic storage containers are very functional that you can use anywhere in the house. They are economical, ideal for food storage, and come in different shapes, sizes, and design. They also have a stackable variety that works wonders in any kitchen cabinets.

It is easier to find the things that you need if they are grouped together. Using stackable plastic storage boxes you can put baking supplies such as flour, brown sugar and baking soda in one group. You can also find plastic storage boxes that are ideal as pasta containers. You can also group together herbs and spices; you can do the same with cooking oil and other condiments. You can also have the breakfast items (coffee, tea, powdered milk, oatmeal) on another side of the shelf.

It is also a good idea to put those items that you use more often in front of the shelf for easier retrieval; while those that aren’t used as often can occupy the back end of the shelf. It is a wise idea as well to place the shorter containers on risers so they don’t get forgotten.

You should always make sure that items are within reach. You may place cereals, dried fruits or snacks in single-serving plastic storage boxes on lower shelves so the kids can easily get them for an after-school snack.

So you see if you set aside some time to do some organizing in the kitchen. Hopefully these tips would be a big help to make your life easier.

Have fun!

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