Uses of a Dog Play Pen

Posted on 19 June 2010


When you are thinking of acquiring a new puppy you will need to decide which accessories he will need to make him a happy and well balanced dog.  A dog kennel and run will give him somewhere protected and secure outside where he can sleep and exercise.  However, on top of this, many people buy puppy play pens.

These pens are easy to construct and take down as required and don’t weigh very much so that you can move them from room to room.  They are useful for puppies for a variety of reasons.  One is during puppy potty training.  This is because dogs don’t like to do their business in the immediate environment around where they eat or sleep.  By putting them in a dog play pen they will learn at first to use just the training pads in one corner (which must be away from their bed and food and drink bowl) and then, once they start to hold on for a bit longer, to wait until they are released from the pen.  Once they get to this stage of training it is important that you take them straight from the pen to an outside area where they can then go to the toilet.

Another good use of the pen is to allow your dog to spend time in the same room as the rest of the family, out of harm’s way, without getting under people’s feet.  This is particularly useful if you are cooking in the kitchen and don’t want to trip on him and cause an accident.

An advantage over just putting him in an indoor dog kennel is that it also acts as a dog exercise pen where the puppy can run around and play, burning off some of that puppy energy.  Make sure that you put a good selection of toys in the pen for him to play with.

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