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Using Video Conference in Various Fields

Posted on 03 May 2011


Video conferencing via the Internet is rapidly becoming a popular and powerful medium for long distance, face to face communication. Although, the technology is mainly utilized in the business world, there are also other areas which would greatly benefit if online video conferencing were to be utilized more eagerly like in educational as well as personal communication. Below listed are several benefits that each field could reap out of using such innovative technology.

Video Conferencing in Business

Using online video conference for business is very cost-effective. Airfare, car rental, hotel accommodations, and the like are all sizable expenses which can easily be avoided with the use of video conference. This modern mode of communication allows face to face meetings of parties in various locations, which is more congenial as compared to video tape recordings or emails, minus all of the expenses of being physically there.

Video conferencing save businesses time as well. Organizations lose plenty of labor hours due to travel each year. It can eliminate all the wasted hours which can better be spent promoting products/services, preparing presentations, and sharing of ideas to enhance company income.

Video Conferencing and Education

Education, more particularly in the junior high as well as high school, is a field wherein video conferencing is largely underused. Universities make use of telecommunication for their guest speakers, or to make it possible for their professors to deliver their lectures or lessons from distant locations. Secondary school could do exceptionally well if they do the same, especially when today’s youth are so accustomed and comfortable with using such kind of technology.

District schools can make use of the technology as a cost-saving tool as well. Kids with social problems and behavioral concerns can be educated in the safety and comfort of their own homes. Both rural and large districts can save cash on bus money by using video conferencing.

Video Conferencing for Personal Communication

Parents as well as grandparents normally complain about not being able to see their children and grandkids much when they are separated to their families by hundreds and thousands of miles. With the help of this new method of communication, people can have a perfect virtual family get together or reunion without having the need to worry about the costs typically connected with air or land travel. If that does not seem to be enough, with online video conferencing, there will be no more jetlag for you to bounce back from!

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