Versatile Gift Of Charms

Posted on 20 January 2011


Charms have been treasured as gifts for ladies of all ages for generations and continue to be cherished today. Every young lady is thrilled to receive her first charm bracelet, which is usually her first piece of real jewelry. And many ladies of all ages continue to enjoy wearing charms, whether attached to watch bands, bracelets or worn as earrings or pendants. Many mothers love their child shaped charms, often with a birthstone affixed and worn on a charm holder, which is a ring designed to hold several charms and slid onto a gold or silver chain as a pendant.

A favorite fashion for teens is the charm anklet, to which new charms can be added to commemorate milestones or events of their lives. When wearing sneakers, teens often attach their charms to the laces of the shoes or even to the tops of the socks. Charms are also favored as zipper pulls for jackets and sweaters.

Charms are available in every style and design that can be imagined, in gold, silver, pewter, ivory, jade and even various colors. Sports, hobbies, special achievements, new loves, as well as birthstone charms are available as keepsakes to acknowledge a special time of life. A special favorite, especially for teens and children, are replicas of favorite characters of movies or cartoons. Most vacation spots will offer charms to wear as a memory of the fun time.

Most people will purchase the charm bracelet already made, with basic charms attached. But many prefer to create their own bracelet to suit their individual style. This is actually very simple to accomplish. Either purchase a suitable bracelet, with links that will permit the charms to be easily attached, or attach a clasp to a chain which has been cut to the desired length. After choosing one or more charms, they can be attached to the chain by one of two easy methods, the split ring or the jump ring.

The split rings are tiny replicas of the type commonly used on key rings. If choosing them, you may find it easier to work with them by using special split ring pliers, found in all craft sections. These are a little more difficult to work with, but are much more secure than the jump rings, as they will not be easily pulled open when snagged, which can cause the loss of the charm. The jump rings are more familiar to most people and only require them to be pulled open, slipped onto the charm and then the bracelet and then securely closed. While this is not the most secure method of attachment, it is easier if you will be changing the charms often.

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