What Makes Cheap Custom Computers Different from Other Computers?

Posted on 27 November 2010


There are many different types of computers on the market today and for some individuals this causes a significant amount of confusion when the time comes to make a computer purchase.  Many people wonder what the difference is between cheap custom computers, gaming computers, notebook computers, desk top computers, and so on.  There are so many terms being thrown around in reference to computers that it is no wonder that purchasing one can be very intimidating for some people.  It is not a rare thing for a customer to walk into a store looking for a computer and not knowing what to say when the salesperson asks what their looking for.  Fortunately the internet makes situations such as this much easier because you can learn what you need to know before making a purchase and you can even choose to make your purchase online.

Likely you have heard of custom computers before as many individuals are choosing to have cheap custom computers made rather than buying the factory models off of the shelf in a store.  One difference between the two different types of computers is, obviously, the price.  This does not necessarily mean that you will get a factory bundled computer for less but rather you will get a custom made computer for less.  There are many reasons for people wanting a custom made computer, particularly if they use their computer for more than one purpose such as work or play.  So which type of computer you choose should be based on what it will be used for.

The second difference between a custom computer and other computers is that it can be personalized just for you.  For many individuals computers play a large role in their lives and they want their computer to match their personality.  When you have your computer custom built you can choose all sorts of options such as the color of your components, the size of your external hard drive and right through to which operating system you want it to have.

Last but not least, cheap custom computers usually cost much less than other computers that you can purchase on a store shelf.  This is almost always true unless you need something super high-tech.  If you only need something basic though you will likely pay considerably less by having your computer custom built and saving money is always good.

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