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Where To Place A Wall Curio Cabinet

Posted on 27 November 2010


If you have very little space in your living room or dining room, and you still wish to show off your best dinnerware, family heirlooms or antiques, you may consider checking out the extensive collection of wall curio cabinets which are available in the market. While floor curios take up space, wall curios can be fixed on walls, so that they are not in anyone’s way and yet all of your items can be displayed presentably.

Regardless of what anybody may recommend, wall curio cabinet furniture just cannot be hung anywhere you would like to. You will indeed require to look at the room’s layout in totality, as well as to study the general route people take when entering and crossing the room. Cabinets should be installed at a lower level in order for easy access, but not at a location where people may possibly run into them accidentally. Several people prefer to hang their wall curio cabinet over another cabinet directly, or over another furniture piece. In this way, there will be no problem of people walking just below the cabinet or very close to it.

If you are confused where the best location for your curio could be, one logical way would be to hold aloft a ledger board around different places on the wall, specifically where the cabinet’s base is likely to stand, with someone simultaneously walking along to observe and comment on each placement. In this manner, you will be in a position to gauge the safety of the final installation and that is poses no threat to people passing near it. Also keep in mind that some young children may be just that tall to likely come in contact with the underside of the cabinet. If there are young children at home, ensure that there is no possibility that they will come into contact with the curio’s corner edges.

As curio cabinets are also treated as showpieces, you’ll need to position your cabinet at a strategic location, so that all of its three sides can be viewed. So, it will make sense to place it in the center of any wall, if available space is enough to do so, instead of placing it too close to a corner. Being a showpiece, it will naturally attract the attention of anyone who enters the room. You may wish to set off the display with appropriate light shining on it. Alternatively, several wall curios come with inbuilt soft lighting. If you do have one with lighting, make sure the power supply is close, so that there are no electrical wires along the wall which will make the place look ugly.

If you follow these few tips, you will surely find the most appropriate locations to hang your wall curio cabinets. Always remember, just as making sure your items on display can be readily viewed and admired, safety is the first and extremely important factor to take into consideration.

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