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Which Puerto Galera Hotels Are The Best?

Posted on 25 January 2012


Many people want to know which Puerto Galera hotels are the best to rock out at.

There’s a whole bunch of hotels in this beautiful place, but many are less than great.

You see, most resorts and hotels are near other resorts and hotels. There’s nothing wrong with, to be sure, but hey, it’s meant to be a holiday. If you’re spending all of your time around other tourists, it defeats the purpose, don’t you think?

Besides, many Puerto Galera hotels are sitting smack bang in the middle of town. It’s noisy, crowded and busy. While Puerto Galera might be a tropical paradise playground, it hardly fits that bill if you’re staying in the middle of town.

When you look at it like that, one of the best Puerto Galera hotels is Badladz Beach Resort. In fact, Badladz is probably one of the best Puerto Galera beach resorts too.

One of the big reasons why Badladz is one of the best Puerto Galera hotels is that it’s in a secluded area, on the edge of a near-private beach.

What the heck is a near-private beach?

Well, in contrast to other beach resorts, Badladz is all on its lonesome. There are no other resorts or Puerto Galera hotels in the area. Mind you, there are a few long-term rentals, but for the most part, when you stay at Badladz Beach Resort, you get the beach to yourself.

This makes it great place for nearly everyone.

It’s great for families. Bring your kids and relax in the sun. Play games on the beach, dig giant holes and bask in the warm, shallow water.

For the younger and more energetic of those among us, throw a rockin’ beach party. We’ll provide the food and drinks. You just have to pack it with people. Given that there are lots of hot Filipina girls in the area, you should have no trouble doing just that.

Badladz also has some of the best Mexican food in the Philippines. You will wet your pants when you discover how great it tastes. From wet burritos to delightful breakfast quesadillas, you’ll be in heaven. With endless ice cold beer to match, you’ll probably start considering retiring here.

As you can see, it’s one of the best Puerto Galera hotels. There are other hotels all over the area. A number of them are on the beach, but they are all too often crowded and busy. Or isolated. That’s bad.

Instead, choose a hotel in Puerto Galera that will put you right in the middle of tropical paradise.

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