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Why A Computer Keeps Crashing With Blue Screens

Posted on 31 March 2011


Blue screen exceptions are one of the more severe system faults you can experience. My computer keeps crashing with these types of exceptions you have to focus in on hardware and software issues that be leading to the fault. In this post I’ll go through some of the main checks you can do to attempt maintenance and repairs for yourself.

It is critical to initially look at hardware faults since bypassing or ignoring these types of problems could lead to data loss of your hard drive. Begin by looking at the BIOS menu and/or Device Manager. Both these utilities can provide information about hardware conflicts, CPU issues, fan speed problems, etc. Overheating can crash PC laptops repeatedly as often due to damage to the heat sink, broken fan blades, dust inside the computer or blocked air vents so make sure these are all in good working order.

Your hard drive partition itself may have bad sectors which are causing the PC to crash. This can happen if application files and operating system programs have data stored on the bad sectors. The best utility to fix this is Windows error checking tool (Explorer, choose a hard disk, select properties, tools tab). This utility will scan the drive and attempt to repair your bad sectors.

More commonly however, the reason why your computer keeps crashing is most likely due to software corruption to your registry file. This occurs if applications have been installed/removed improperly, viruses have damaged important key settings or a range of other problems. The main tools for fixing this are anti-virus applications or registry cleaners. Just make sure to use an up-to-date version of other of these tools to scan the registry file for signs of damage.

One other consideration is to try using System Restore from Windows to revert the Windows registry file back to an earlier healthier version stored on the hard disk.

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