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Why is it so important to be able to cook?

Posted on 22 January 2012


One of the exciting things is realising how many young people think it is cool to cook. Some of the people who wouldn’t have been ‘caught dead’ in a kitchen until recently are now desperate to learn how to cook even the most difficult fish recipes. It’s hip to entertain casually and whip up a little feast. There is no need for matching cutlery or fancy place settings – cooking is a social occasion. Get your friends involved in shelling the broad beans, cooking together and having fun. Interestingly, the most hip thing of all nowadays is growing your own food, and then sharing and cooking it with your friends.

For many people cooking is an unimportant skill. Why would you bother to take time out to learn to cook when you could be furthering your career or having fun in the pub? Some would argue that it’s hugely important to learn how to cook, for lots of different reasons, not least because so much depends on the food we eat – our health, our energy, our vitality, our ability to concentrate. We can’t do much about our genes but we can take responsibility for our own health by controlling the food we eat. Health goes in through our mouths and our brains too.

If you can’t cook, you’re at the mercy of others for what you eat, and if you are fortunate enough to have delicious, healthy, wholesome food cooked for you, you’re one in a million. Otherwise, the only alternative is to drop into the local deli, buy ready-prepared meals or make regular trips to restaurants which will prove to be an expensive business. If you can cook, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can gather a few ingredients together and conjure up a little meal for yourself and your friends. It’s certainly the easiest way to win friends and influence people.

In the end, the way to everyone’s heart is through their tummy – no matter how beautiful you are people soon get fed up with burnt sausages and leathery hamburgers. It is really important to take time out to learn how to cook, because no matter what else you do every day we all need to eat. Learn some cooking skills and take control of your life.

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