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Why Leanne Rimes Cheated?

Posted on 30 April 2011


With one false move, the title of America’s Sweetheart no longer belongs to Leanne Rimes.  The multi-platinum country singer with hits like “Love must be telling me something” and “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” ended her marriage of eight years to husband Dean Sheremet.  Her affair with Baywatch actor Eddie Cibrian made sure that her marriage ended abruptly and for the entire world to see.  One can only guess as to the exact reasons that the marriage ended, but we can try anyways.

One reason that the marriage did not survive may have been the fact that being in the public eye constantly does not allow for any privacy or intimacy.  For a successful marriage to last, couples need time together to work through their problems in the privacy of their own homes as well as be free to enjoy each others company.  Leanne Rimes being a famous country singer would not have been afforded such luxury.  Even going to a movie or a dinner would bring out the paparazzi.  The details of her every move are chronicled in tabloid magazines and her life are constantly being discussed by fans and gossip websites alike.  The pressure must have been tremendous for her to live up to her public expectations.

Another reason for her failed marriage is that she got married at a young age.  Leanne married Dean at the tender age of 20.  Without having fully matured as a young woman, she embarked on a journey with her Dean.  Her fame coupled with her inexperience with relationships most certainly could have caused her to cheat.

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