Why You Should Get The Wool Area Rug

Posted on 16 September 2010


Looking at the many available floor rugs for sale, you are bound to be spoilt for choice. What type of rug should you get for your home? If there is one type of rug that you should definitely own at home, the wool area rug is it. This rug is great for the home and here are five reasons why you should pick wool instead of other materials for your rug.

A wool area rug is as the name suggests an area rug made from wool. This type of rug is available in many sizes, from small to large, with the most popular size being the 8’ x 10’ area rugs. Wool is a great material for rug as it is very soft to the touch. Even though it is soft, wool is sturdy enough to withstand heavy traffic areas which make these rugs an excellent choice for the living room or the hallway.

Wool is also a natural fiber, so it breathes and while the wool breathes, it absorbs whatever moisture that is in the air. This absorption of moisture will help control the humidity levels in your home, thus preventing other problems like mold. So if you have children at home, a wool area rug is a great choice for your children’s bedrooms.

The other great thing about wool is that its fibers are naturally compact. Thus, dirt and dust are prevented from getting through all the way to the base of the rug. These natural fibers are also naturally repellant to bacteria, making the wool area rug a safe choice for homes with children and pets.

Another great reason to pick wool over any other material is that wool is naturally repellant to flames. This means that if any tiny runaway spark somehow lands on your rug, it will burn itself off or can easily be extinguished. This natural property of wool makes the wool area rug a safer choice compared to synthetic rugs.

And finally, a wool area rug is very easy to clean. All you need is regular vacuuming to keep your rug looking fresh and new, and you can simply use water and mild soap for any accidental spills. Isn’t that easy?

The above five reasons are substantial enough to make you want to choose the wool area rug. Besides that, the rugs can also provide you with timeless beauty and style.

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