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Women’s Dress Shoes

Posted on 21 March 2010


While shopping for large women’s dress shoes is already a difficult task, you wouldn’t want to be caught dead wearing them in the first place. They look like “grandma’s hand-me-downs” and you wouldn’t want to commit such a fashion crime. The solution? Browse the internet and you will find an endless collection of fabulous and simply fantastic shoe designs of all colors, patterns and materials to suit all styles and occasions. You don’t even have to limit yourself to famous names or designer brands that offer ridiculously high prices for their designs which you can find at other stores at competitive quality and style – much less the price. All it takes is a smart and sensible fashion sense.

If there’s one kind of women’s dress shoes you most definitely want to be seen in, it’s a pair of ankle boots. Women’s ankle boots are all the rage with its style and comfort all in one fun and funky footwear. Wear it with almost all of your clothes to almost all occasions and you will stand out looking absolutely chic and trendy. And just because you wear a large-sized women’s dress shoes doesn’t mean you won’t look fabulous in a large-sized ankle boots. Women’s ankle boots put the glam in any outfit! Here are a list of outfits and a few extra tips on how to wear your ankle boots.

Whether you prefer a flat or high-heeled ankle boots, pairing them with long skirts adds an oomph! to your whole ensemble. Remember not to show any part of your legs though since the boots are enough to reveal your sexy side. Subtle seduction is the key. If your skirt is not long enough to cover the top of your boots, wear opaque tights to add a touch of fierceness and funkiness to your outfit.

Wearing short skirts with women’s ankle boots is trickier since a lot of women are a little hesitant about exposing their legs. The key is to keep everything tasteful. You want to show enough legs to look sexy, but not too much that you will look trashy.

As with pants, ankle boots can go with almost all kinds with just the right coverage and comfort without the bulk or discomfort or very high boots. You can wear them under loose or any kind of jeans and look ridiculously sexy or tuck your skinny jeans under your ankle boots and look totally hot!

But while women’s ankle boots can go with almost anything, avoid these looks with your ankle boots: cropped pants, cropped tights, mid-length skirts with bare legs, pencil skirts, shorts, and capris. All in all, ankle boots are hot so go out looking like one!

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